Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Singing in an Empty Parking Deck

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you might have seen this post from me recently:
"Its fun to sing in a quiet, empty parking deck. Sounds like you are performing on stage, and best part is no one can hear if you're off-key!"
I know this had to leave a few of my friends scratching their heads, especially given the time of day that I posted it (4:29am on a Wednesday morning).  No, it wasn't a drunk tweet.  If you really know me, you would know I wasn't drunk!  The two people who did comment on it sounded like they were a little concerned about me though.
I have an awesomely short commute to work... just about ten minutes in the morning, since there is no one on the road.  I pull into the parking garage at about 4:15am or so every day, and I am always the first person to arrive at the office complex.  When you wake up that early every day, you need a little something to get you going, and I don't drink coffee.  I always like to get the day started with some good music, so that I have a song in my head all day that I actually like.  
Everybody sings in the car (come on, you know you do).  There are all different types; the ones who sing quietly and barely move their lips so no one can see they are singing, the ones who get really into it until they pull up next to someone and they immediately stop because they are afraid they look stupid, and then there are the ones who don't give a crap who is looking or listening.  On the way into work, I will admit, I am pretty much in full-on concert mode.  So last Wednesday, when I pulled into the parking deck and shut off my truck in the middle of a song, I decided to carry it on as I walked to the door!  Nothing wrong with that right?  Here is what I was singing, if you are curious.   I highly recommend David Nail... great new country artist.
Anyway, with the slight echo effect you get inside a parking deck, it does sound kinda cool.  I know one day I'll be walking into work though and around the corner will be the security guard, laughing.  Or worse, he joins in and starts singing too... that would be awkward. 
I love to sing, and as weird as this might sound, I kinda wish I had taken that chorus class in middle school that I think I wanted to take just because there was some girl I liked in it.  Instead I took German???? Like I said, I am a dreamer... I'd still like to learn to play the guitar and sing, and I've always thought it would be the coolest thing in the world to write a song and hear it on the radio, even if it wasn't me singing.  A lot of old friends might find it strange that the quiet kid wants to be a singer.  Then again, it took a news station website with my picture on it to convince my best friend from high school that I actually talked for a living as a TV meteorologist.  On that note, in my next post, I'll talk about how getting up on stage to sing karaoke one night actually helped me get over a little stage fright.

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